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This year Down To Earth is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

The last 20 years have been the most marvelous adventure. We have earned, lost, and learned.

We learned so much.

We learned that it’s more than just producing coffee. It is respecting and loving the environment, and the earth where the products grow. It is honoring the process, and the hands that harvest the fruit.

We lost so much.

We lost my dad, Matias Zeledon, the purest heart and soul- who’s purpose in life was to spread the gospel of good coffee, as he loved to say. His love for coffee was almost as big as his love for people, including his wife and daughters.

But most importantly, we earned so much.

We earned a community. We earned an extended family of hundreds, if not thousands, of amazing people from different countries, religions and cultures that have one thing in common: their love for humanity and coffee.

Thank you for being a part of the most amazing journey that was not only the end of my dad’s life, but the beginning of my journey in this incredible business.

Please join Connected by our Humanity as we honor Matias Zeledon and his legacy of promoting ethical and sustainable coffee farming by supporting Stefannie and Juliana Zeledon.