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For a limited time your donation amount to the Perquin El Salvador School Fundraiser will be matched by Connected by our Humanity

Perquin El Salvadoran  School House 
El Palmar School
El Palmar School Perquin El Salvador.

We are excited to announce that California Dreamers has teamed up with the organizations Connected By Our Humanity and Burners Without Borders to help two schools in the border town of Perquin, El Salvador/Honduras! These schools are located in a unique location and an especially unique situation. The lands they inhabit were overtaken by Honduras after the Salvadoran Civil War. This left the Salvadoran people in a peculiar circumstance because they identified as Salvadoran but are no longer protected by their birth nation nor were they accepted by the Honduran government which they were usurped upon. As a result, typical public amenities like schools began to slowly deteriorate and children, in particular, began lacking more resources over time.

This is where you can help. Connected by our Humanity, Burners without Borders Sacramento Region and California Dreamers are asking for donations to help renovate two small schools and provide basic school supplies for 91 elementary school students.

September 23, 2021
The students of the EL Palmar school Perquin El Salvador school received new school desks thank in large part to your generous donation. The new school desks were made by a local carpenter whose children attend the Perquin Schools. We will continue to share with you pictures and videos that the Perquin El Salvador community is sharing with us as your donations turn into the much-needed improvements to the Perquin El Salvador Schools.