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Lambano Project Introduction: Eric Semakula & (Issac) Mutali Mundesi Jr.

Budduda community is located along with the Mountain ranges of Mt.Elgon, a sub-region in Eastern Uganda. It is blessed with fertile volcanic soils and altitudes that favor the growth of Arabica coffee. 

Arabica coffee has been the main Cash crop of the Budduda community and it is ranked the third-best type of coffee in the whole world. For the past few years, the Budduda community has been characterized by low household incomes due to the deteriorating produce of the coffee beans. This is mainly attributed to the loss of morale to grow coffee due to the fluctuating prices and low returns, insufficient technical knowledge of growing coffee, hence the intervention of the LAMBANO COFFEE PROJECT.  

This Project is majorly looking into creating awareness through the different demonstration farms as indicated in the footage. Through these farms, we shall be able to reach the farmers with sufficient equipment, organic pesticides & organic manure. Secondly, The LAMBANO COFFEE PROJECT intends to station coffee pulping machines in different sub-regions of Budduda district which will aid the farmers to easily process the harvested coffee berries so as to add value to the coffee and increase the returns of the farmers, consequently stabilizing the price fluctuations that have affected the community. 

The Demonstration farms & the pulping machines will in the long run tackle the different economical challenges of the community to alleviate poverty from the community giving rise to better community services such as the road network, clean piped water, health care, education, and a daily wage to revive & develop the community this will help to establish a good production & supply chain of the Coffee in that region. 


Coffee farmers in Bududa District receive the fast pulping machine from the lambano Coffee Project.